Thoughts for today……

I was thinking yesterday and earlier today…..even though I’ve suffered greatly, I am still truly blessed,because I have so many wonderful friends who love and support me. One who comes to mind reminded me when I was at a spiritual low that God allowed this to happen because He knew I would make it good…..He trusted me to bring good out of the bad with the gifts He has given me; the gift of gab and the gift of writing. For so long, MONTHS I fought and was angry and frustrated because I knew I had to get back to work and earn a living again. I was angry and frightened.I was anxious about my future and what would eventually happen to me. Being a lab technician, naturally I thought it would be in the lab doing research for it given the fact I was a serology specialist and I have a serologic/immunologic disease. Then my thoughts went back to the conversation I had with my friend earlier that day; out of the blue it came to me.God wants me to speak to others about this and if this is what He wants, I cannot argue with Him.I have to do HIS  will,not MY  will.It says as much in the Lords’ Prayer….THY  will be done.It’s not about what I want to do,it’s about what He wants me to do.I need to follow His Spirit.It is that which I shall do :)I started to feel better physically after this,because I had stopped all resistance.I was no longer angry once I realized and accepted His will for me.I must do His work,and that I shall.

Info on upcoming book event….

Any of you who suffer from CFS or know someone who does,please join me for an afternoon chat on Sunday,November 11th,2012 as I present information on the disease as well as share my own story from my first symptoms to my physical,emotional and spiritual recovery.My wish is to reach out to those who suffer as well as those who love and care for them.I want to let them know there is hope!Refreshments will be served as well as signed copies of my book.

Date: November 11th,2012

Place: Books at Sunset, 1100 South Street, Elgin,Il. 60123

Time: 2:00 PM.

Please reply to RSVP by November 10th.

Please join me at my upcoming event!

Just a heads up, everybody……on November 11th, 2012 I will be doing a book signing/educational presentation on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I will tell how it impacted my life as well as those around me. There will also be information for caregivers and family members as to what our needs are and how to care for us.

More details soon!

Refreshments will be served.

Have a beautiful day!